Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Plain High Drifters are back

Hey Folks, the Plain High Drifters are back and giggin' again. We'll be playing a lot of new songs as well as the older material with some fresh talent. Our new line up is as follows:
Smelley Kelley - vocals
Les James - drums / vocals
Tom Armstrong - bass / vocals
Dave Janusko - guitar
Scotty Hay - pedal steel / guitar

Mike, Corey, and Wil are all giggin' strong with their own projects - check 'em out over in links column, all good stuff. Once a drifter, always a drifter - you'll be likely to see their new bands playing with the Drifters from time to time.

Our old website got snatched up so we will be here at from now on. We're going to try this Blog format vs. a traditional website and spare you all from Myspace. Plus we'll be able to post other things not necessarily related directly to PHD's activity. Here's some pics from our first gig at Lester's bar The Riptide over on Taraval St. We're thinking about replacing our Parkside Sunday BBQ's with a Riptide afternoon show, we'll keep you posted. I for one am determined to bring back the montly BBQ - that was my personal favorite part of this band. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next gig.

Your pal - Scotty

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